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  • Mini LNG Plant System

Mini LNG Plant System

Product Details

Small skid-mounted LNG liquefaction unit with a throughput of 10,000~100000Nm3/d

The skid includes: metering skid, raw gas compressor skid, deacidification unit, dehydration mercury removal unit, refrigerant compressor skid, cold box unit, utility skid, instrument control and distribution skid.

Skid-mounted design, modular integration, strong site adaptability, fast production, easy to migrate

Steady-state and dynamic simulation, high uniformity of operating parameters and design parameters, ensuring 100% success rate for initial production

Advanced process, high economic efficiency and high safety

Remote visual monitoring, real-time reception of operational data.

Mini LNG Plant System


Mini LNG Plant System

Feed Gas Compressor for LNG Plant

Apply to industry of feed gas pressurization of LNG plant

Maximum capacity is 500,000Nm³/d, maximum discharge pressure is 4.5MPa

Mini LNG Plant System

Refrigerant Compressor for LNG Plant

Apply to industry of refrigeration circulating system

Maximum capacity:500,000Nm³/d, maximum discharge pressure:3.0MPa

Mini LNG Plant System

BOG Compressor

Apply to industry of boil gas recovery of LNG

Inlet pressure:0.15~0.45MPa,


discharge pressure:0.5~2.5MPa

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