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Care for front-line employees,Ensure safety production

Jul. 21, 2022

Recently, the high temperature weather continued, and the staff stuck to the production line, worked hard and sweated hard, and delivered a total of 63 sets of products, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual business goals. The leaders of the company are very concerned about the working conditions of the front-line production staff, and have repeatedly stressed the need to do a good job in summer heatstroke prevention and safety production, prevent safety accidents and occupational damage, so that the majority of employees can feel the care of the enterprise, improve their awareness of essential safety, and jointly create a safe and harmonious working atmosphere.

Care for front-line employees,Ensure safety production

It is reported that Enric(bengbu) college organized a special activity of "sending cool air and ensuring safety".ZhangChun,deputy general manager of the company, and Li Xiaoming,assistant general manager, took the lead in distributing heatstroke prevention and cooling items to front-line employees on site, preaching the key points of safe production in summer, conveying general manager Yang Weifeng's careless and condolences to front-line employees, and sending a trace of cool air and true love to employees.

The majority of front-line employees also expressed their gratitude to the company for its earnest care. In the future work, we will make persistent efforts, stick to our posts, work harder, improve work efficiency, pay attention to product quality, and contribute to the sustainable development of Enric(bengbu) while doing job in personal safety protection.