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GD-500/(50~200)-450 Type Diaphragm Hydrogen Compressor for Hydrogen Refueling Stations Launched

Aug. 03, 2023

Enric (Bengbu) Compressor Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national "dual-carbon" target related industrial development policies, declared and was approved for the Anhui Province 2022 Science and Technology Support Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Science and Technology Innovation Special Project (the first batch) project - "Based on the safety and monitoring technology 45MPa skid-mounted hydrogen booster equipment development and engineering demonstration". According to the development strategy of hydrogen energy industry chain of CIMC ENRIC Holding, it has successfully completed the development of GD-500/(50-200)-450 diaphragm hydrogen compressor for hydrogen refueling station during two years, which is the key core equipment, and successfully rolled off the production line.

The product has a single membrane head displacement of 500Nm³/h, double membrane head displacement of 1000Nm³/h, inlet pressure of 5-20MPa, exhaust pressure of 45MPa, and is widely used in the high-purity hydrogen refueling station system for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The product adopts large membrane head, specially refined high nickel alloy, high-efficiency sealing structure and other materials, structural design, process technology, overcoming the traditional membrane press gas-side membrane disk body is easy to leak, easy to hydrogen embrittlement failure and other technological risks, has a high efficiency cooling and energy saving, low discharge temperature, large flux, safe and reliable, skid mounted, standardized, intelligent, etc., and through the company's Internet, the Internet of Things product full life cycle application technology platform, you can real-time Through the company's Internet, Internet of Things product life cycle application technology platform, the product's pressure, temperature and other performance parameters can be monitored and diagnosed online, realizing zero-distance communication and service with the end customers, and effectively guaranteeing the safe and smooth operation of the unit at the site.

Enric(bengbu) has 74 years of history of manufacturing compressors, the successful development of this product off the line, marking the company focus on clean energy, hydrogen new energy main channel, dedicated to the development of core high-end equipment with fully independent intellectual property rights, make up for the short boards, through the hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry chain, to achieve the key technologies from running, running parallel to the stage of the lead, and continue to adjust the product structure, and further strengthen the The company has continuously adjusted its product structure, further consolidated its position in the industry, created value for its customers, and strongly supported its high-quality development.