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Made-in-China enters marine equipment to replace imported products

Dec. 28, 2020

In view of the special environment condition and installing requirements,the design and manufacture of offshore equipment requires much higher reliability than onshore applications. Any way,marine exploration is the prerequisite for the accurate development of marine resources.

At present, all types of marine exploration vessels employ imported products, which are of high prices, long delivery periods, untimely services, and poor ship design coordination. ENRIC COMPRESSOR communicates with marine exploration customers to address the current exploration of marine compressors Technology, with independent research and development of high-speed reciprocating compressor basic parts, they use 3D software to carried out the modeling design of a complete set of equipment, and provided the LG•M-20/250 air compressor design scheme to the China ocean institute. The parameter redundancy is much higher than that of imported products, and it has been reviewed and approved by experts in the industry. The use of this product will fill the domestic industry gap.

The product has now been manufactured and installed on board. It will come into service in 2020 and will facilitate seabed geological exploration in the South China Sea.

Made-in-China enters marine equipment to replace imported products