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Nigeria 5mmscfd Wellhead Gas Recovery Project-The Enric warrior goes to Nigeria

Aug. 10, 2022

In April 2021, on a green spring day, there are such seven most beautiful comrades, ready to go, and resolutely started a journey of heroic battle-going to the front line of the well gas field in Nigeria. They are the seven most beautiful role models of Enric (Bengbu) Compressor Company - Li Huanbing, Liu Hongwei, Wang Yanlong, Sun Dunsong, Li Congjun, Zhang Qiang and Jing Cheng.

Nigeria 5mmscfd Wellhead Gas Recovery Project-The Enric warrior goes to Nigeria

On the day of departure, the company team members were instructed and entrusted by the general manager to see off the expedition comrades at the Bengbu South High-speed Railway Station. Fu Guolin, the leader of the international department, on behalf of general manager Yang Weifeng, highly praised the selfless and dedication of the employees. He said that the company will act as a strong backing for all colleagues to ensure that the safety of employees comes first, and will take good care of the family life of employees, So that thousands of miles away, they have no worries.

Nigeria 5mmscfd Wellhead Gas Recovery Project-The Enric warrior goes to Nigeria

At present, the international epidemic is raging repeatedly, and the local security in Nigeria is turbulent. In order to support the development of the company, these respectable employees resolutely stepped forward and went against the direction, showing the hard work and courage of the new generation of people. The wind knows the grass, and the fire sees the real gold. In the post-epidemic era where the situation is severe and complex, they are the ones who face the risks head-on, charge forward fearlessly, and resolutely go backwards without turning back. They interpret the "spirit of clam oppression" with their own persistence and responsibility. They are the heroes of clam oppression. They are the pride and pride of the clams.

Since the construction of the project in June 2019, after 2 years and 5 months of early laying, it will be fully completed in November 2021. The comrades of the Enric have been installing, debugging and commissioning on site,all pipelines and equipment have been officially put into operation after passing the acceptance of many parties. this 5mmcfd natural gas recovery station system has been running well so far. In 2022, another group of Enric employees go to the Nigeria site again to provide one-year operation and maintenance services for local owners.

This is the responsibility of Enric employees . The journey is long, and there is only struggle. I believe that under the guidance of the strategic goals of smart innovation and high-quality growth, and under the concept of people-oriented and common cause, the firm and persistent Enric will surely surely settle down steadily and return safely and triumphantly!