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Technology giant, play a big role

Jul. 12, 2022

Since Enric (Bengbu) Compressor Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "little giant" of national expertise in science and technology in July 2021, the company has been benchmarking the development direction of the industry, continued to implement the concept of scientific and technological innovation and development, attached great importance to cultivating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly shaped the competitive advantage of the enterprise by relying on institutional innovation and business model innovation.

Technology giant, play a big roleTechnology giant, play a big role

It is reported that Enric has the core technology and scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and adopts advanced management methods, refined management schemes, and intelligent platform construction to enable enterprises; Implement the systematic cultivation strategy, the company's product production implementation standards have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, and its own brand has reached the specific indicators of obtaining provincial-level and above famous brand products or well-known trademarks.

In recent years, the company has adhered to the concept of scientific and technological innovation and development, based on the particularity of the industry, continuously strengthened the innovation of technological research, deeply cultivated business areas, expanded new markets, took technology as the primary productivity, continued to cultivate and enhance core competitiveness, and then transformed it into an endless endogenous power. The company attaches importance to cultivating innovation teams, improving their innovation awareness, innovative thinking and innovation ability, and has successfully cultivated a number of special talents in the field of compressors. In 2021,The R D team was selected into the 11th batch of "3221" industrial innovation teams in Bengbu. On the basis of a number of leading scientific and technological achievements, one achievement has broken through the foreign monopoly technical barriers, and has made steady progress in guiding enterprise innovation factors to drive high-quality development.